Munich, Germany

18th – 20th September 2018




You can download the Competition Details here:

Competition Work Details in English

Detalles de los trabajos del concurso en español



You can view and download the Program Schedule of the Championship here:

Updated Schedule in English (13-Sep)

Programación actualizada en español (13-sep)



The following hotel has been booked for all teams for the dates 17th – 20th September 2018: H2 HOTEL MÜNCHEN MESSE.

The hotel is located just opposite the iba Exhibition and a 2 minute walk from the main entrance.



The Championship will be held during the EXHIBITION IBA ( at MUNICH INTERNATIONAL FAIR (



All teams will be presented on the UIBC Facebook and Twitter pages:

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Equipment list of the work spaces

Distribution of bakeries






12-March Questions from ICELAND


Q: Can we put some logos on our jackets from companies that will sponsor us ?

A: To be answered asap, awaiting confirmation from organizer.


Q: Will there be a cocoa spray machine / station available ?

A: A cocoa spray machine is not available. If needed, please bring one with you, together with a compressor for it.


Q: Do we have to come with all our ingredients with us to the competition ?

A: If possible, the participants should bring all the ingredients they need with them, since they are the raw materials they know and have been training with. They can even bring them already weighed.

Should it not be possible to bring any ingredients due to logistics or customs law, please send us your written order of all required raw materials before 17th August 2018. In this case, the participant can weigh them on preparation day.


Q: Will there be a shocker freezer ?

A: Yes, a shock freezer will be available.

We will provide you with a complete list of the equipment and machines , as well as a map of the work spaces in due time.


Q: Can the dessert be in a glass or does it have to be on a plate?

A: The dessert must be on a plate. However, one of the three dessert components can be inside a cup or small bowl on that plate.



2-April Questions from GERMANY


Q: When will the secret ingredient for the dessert be known? And must the secret ingredient be the most dominant ingredient of the composition or only be perceptible? Can you say what type of ingredient it will be, e.g. fruits, nuts, couvertures, spices?

A: The secret ingredient will be announced and directly distributed to all participants on 18th September at 15:30h, so that they can work with it. It does not have to be the most dominant ingredient, but you must clearly taste it. The jury president is the only person who knows the secret ingredient and has committed to secrecy, so no hints can be given to anybody.


Q: What is our working environment at the competition (which oven, ….)?

A: The plan of the work space and the equipment list will be sent as soon as they become available. We are still negotiating with some sponsors so we cannot tell you everything yet. If you want to know something special and need an urgent answer, please let us know and we will try to find out.


Q: Should the chocolate décor of the entremet be a small one? And does it have to be on both cakes? Should both entremets be identical?

A: You decide which size the décor should have. Both cakes have to be decorated the same way.


Q: It is now allowed to bring pre-printed films for couverture, but may I print them on site myself?

A: That’s correct: You are not allowed to take finished printed films with you, but of course, you are allowed to make them during the competition.


3-May Questions from TAIWAN


Q: When could team receive the layout of workspace and equipment list?

A: The equipment of the workspaces is mostly set, but we are still waiting for a few minor details to be clarified. We hope to be able to send the complete information soon.


Q: How many percentages of plastillage could be used on showpiece?

A: There is no restriction regarding the amount of plastillage on the show piece. There is only the time limit of 1 hour, on the preparation day, in order to produce gelatin sugar.


Q: Could the model below (length of approx. 20 cm) be used for Entremet?

A: Yes, you can use the model as in the picture you had sent.


16-August Questions from NORWAY

Q: At the free preparation time, is it possible to do other things than weighing of raw materials?

A: Yes, but you are not allowed to pre-produce anything for the World Championship.


Q: At the special preparation hour, can we make parts to the showpiece?

A: No, this is not allowed.


Q: Draw lots for work places and dessert, will the contestants start at the same time or with interval?

A: The lots will be drawn for everybody on Tuesday. The serving time of the dessert will takt place in the interval. Example: Candidate A draws a lot for work space number 1. This work space serves the dessert at 14:00h. Candidate B draws a lot for work space 2. This work space has its presentation time at 14:10h, etc.


Q: Recipes in English?

A: Yes, please


Q:  In the schedule it says: participants can take aids/assistants with them, how many? And our own assistants or will you provide some during the competition?

A: The candidates can have one own aid/assistant and only on Tuesday, 18:00-19:00h for the preparation of the work space, since we only have one hour. Apart from this, there can be no further aids/assistants. All candidates are offered support for washing the equipment and dishes during the competition. This support will be made by apprentices from confectioneries in Munich. The supporters will be assigned differently every day.


Q: Preparation of work spaces, both on Tuesday and Wednesday?

A: Yes, on Tuesday prep time is 18-19h, on Wednesday, it is 8:30-9:30h.


Q: Lunch break, do you have to take a break or can you work during lunch?

A: The lunch break is mandatory and must be taken at the established time.


Q: In the rules it says: deliver 6 chocolates per variety to the judges (8 jury members) and in the schedule it says 4.. What is correct?

A: Thank you for this note, the 6 chocolates in the rules are correct.


Q: How far is it from the competition site to the presentation table? 3 min? Tru the fair or? Can the participants get help to carrie the showpiece?

A: The presentation table is max. 3 minutes away from the work places. The jury member of your own country is allowed to help you with the transport.


Q: Are there electricity near the presentation table?

A: We do not know at this moment, we will find out.


Q: What counts as a small part in the showpiece?

A: Since you have to carry the showpiece to the exhibition table, you are allowed to finish your showpiece on the presentation table. You may attach small, fine parts there, which were of course previously produced in the competition (gelatin sugar, also in the preparation hour on 18.9.). In other competitions, it may be that you have to finish the showpiece completely and then it goes to the presentation table. It is different here. That’s why we made the indication that “Small, fine decoration elements can be fixed there”.

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