Team Order

Taipei, Taiwan

10-16 March 2020




You can download the Rules for the competition here:

Rules in English    /    Reglamento en español   /   Regeln auf deutsch   /   Règlement en français



This is the preliminary schedule of the Competition:

2020 Taipei Schedule


The Competition will be held at TIBS Taipei International Bakery Show (, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Taiwan).



5-7 minutes away from the Exhibition Center by Walking, 5 minutes away from MRT station to Taipei City Center by Walking. Cafe shop, Convenient Store nearby.

Check-in: 10th or 11th March 2020 (Please send us your check-in date & time!)
Check-out: 16th March 2020

For the jury member and the 2 candidates, 1 single room and 1 twin room will be provided. In countries, where the two young bakers are of different gender, they can choose if they prefer to share a room with the coach or to share it with another young baker of the same gender from a different country. You can request the rooming list from, when it becomes available.

Should you wish to book additional rooms for family, friends or others, please send an email to for special rates.



This is the meal plan provided by the organizers in Taipei. As you can see, the teams need to take care of 8 meals by the themselves. There will be a subsidy for these meals, which is 1500 NTD / 50 USD per person.

Meal Plan Taipei 2020



Transport between the Hotel and the TIBS fair will be organized.



You can download the ingredients list here.
Please send us your order BEFORE 31ST JANUARY 2020!!
Should you need other ingredients, please let us know and we will try to provide them or help you with the shopping in Taipei on 11th March!




You can download the floorplan of the competition area here.



You can download the equipment list here.




The team order numbers were drawn by Jury President Bernd Kütscher on 5th February 2020, 2 pm Central European Time CET.
You can watch the video on Facebook:


Teams competing on 13th March 2020: Team 1 : FRANCE, Team 2 : TAIWAN, Team 3 :  SLOVAKIA , Team 4 : GERMANY

Teams competing on 14th March 2020: Team 5 : SPAIN, Team 6 : NORWAY, Team 7 : IRELAND, Team 8 : SWEDEN



Over the course of the coming weeks, all teams will be presented on the UIBC Facebook and Twitter pages:

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All questions from the teams will be published here for public knowledge. Updates to this FAQ page will always be communicated to all registered teams.


Update 31-JANUARY-2020

Q: Is there also a stand-alone freezer/deep freezer for the teams?
Q: Yes, every team has its own refrigerator (Cooler / Freezer). The refrigerator has 4 doors and is separated into two areas: Cooler and Freezer.cooler freezer


Q: Is there a dough dividing and forming machine (Kliev machine / Dough-Divider) for bread rolls?
A: No, the candidates have to handle the dividing by themselves.

Q: Are there data sheets for the machines provided?
A: We have requested the data sheets.


Update 22-JANUARY-2020

Q: Please could you clarify that all of the showpiece is to be made on the day, that no elements can be made in the prep days, as I know that a salt dough is best to be used as it dries out better?
A: Showpiece dough and all elements has to be made in 2 hours of preparation or 6 hours of competition time. I strongly recommend NOT to use salt dough, because the showpiece has to be edible. Instead, I recommend a syrup dough, which is common at international competitions. For this a simple syrup (equal parts of sugar and water) is boiled, cooled down and mixed with flour and starch. Syrup dough is very plastic and can be easily processed. Above all, it can be bent after baking (still warm) due to the high sugar content. This allows a wide variety of creative and komplex shapes. The individual elements are then usually stuck together with hot Isomalt (glue is not allowed). Ice spray is used to make the elements stick together quickly. Please note, however, that the show piece may not only consist of syrup dough, but according to the rules it should also contain 1/3 fermented dough.


Q: Preparation: When is the preparation time/day and can we produce, i.e. croissant doughs, fillings, showpiece pieces, weighing out doughs, collecting all equipment? Is the sourdough starter to be made during preparation or something to bring with us?
A: The official preparation time is the day before the competition:
„On the day before the competition, the candidates have to show their raw materials and tools brought along. Afterwards, they have 2 hours to prepare their work in the assigned workplace. All types of work are permitted. The ovens must generally not be used, only the roasting of raw materials is allowed. The workplace must be cleaned within the preparation time.“
„All raw materials must be weighed by the candidates during the preparation time or the competition. As an exception to this rule, fillings can be brought.“


Q: Do 4 teams compete on 1 day and the other 5 on the next?
A: The competition itself will take place over two days, with each team competing only one day. This follows from rule no. 7: „The competition time on the competition day is 6 hours, incl. the cleaning of the work space.“ The teams will therefore be divided between the two days. This will be publicly drawn on February 5th, 2 pm CET Central European Time and you can watch it live via Facebook:


Update 21-JANUARY-2020

Q: Is the food provided for participants (I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner) or do we need to organise is at our own expense?
A: This is the meal plan provided by the organizers in Taipei. As you can see, the teams need to take care of 8 meals by the themselves. There will be a subsidy for these meals, which is 1500 NTD / 50 USD per person.

Meal Plan Taipei 2020


Q: Are there import restrictions on raw materials and tools? Who do I have to contact for this?
A: Meat and product made of meat is forbidden! Also fresh vegetables and fruit are forbidden!

Q: Are there any import restrictions on electrical equipment?
A: Generally speaking, there are not too many restrictions on the electrical equipment which you may want to bring with you (for the purpose of personal use).

Q: What type of sockets are there at the competition? Do we need adapters?
A: The voltage in Taiwan is 110V/60Hz, but TIBS will provide 2 types of the sockets (110V and 220V, 15A) 2 sockets of each type for every team. If the team needs more, they can bring their own extension cord.


NOTE: If a team is not sure about the items to bring to Taiwan, they can send the item list to Mr. Jason Jhan ( and he will send it to the Customs Broker for more information.





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